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"The companies are located in Canada."

Translation:Die Betriebe haben ihren Standort in Kanada.

February 15, 2018



I wrote: "Die Firmen sind in Kanada ansässig", which in my understanding is correct and should be accepted as a correct answer. The proposal was "Die Firmen sind in Kanada lokalisiert": also ok (though not good German).

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Can you say "Die Betriebe liegen in Kanada."?


Both "Standort" and "Sitz" can be used for the location but only "Standort" is accepted!


Sitz is the location of the headquarter. It's a legal term that defines where taxes have to be paid. Standort can be any location of a company. Die Firma hat ihren Sitz auf den Bahamas, aber niemand arbeitet dort.... Usually, Standort is used for Betrieb, because Betrieb is actually just a business, for example a factory, while Firma or Unternehmen are terms that define ownership and and legal status of a company, so they also have to define the "Sitz". Just as an explanation.


I had the same question. Thanks for your very good explanation.


'The companies have their location in Canada' should be accepted surely?


Why is "Sitz" not accepted as well as "Standort"? "Die Unternehmen haben ihren Sitz in Kanada." I thought "Sitz" means location or seat.


Actually, in normal English speech, 'to be located' is simply a long way of saying 'to be in a place', for which a great many German phrases might be a reasonable translation. I don't see why 'Standort' needs to be the only correct one.


Why "Die Firmen sich befinden in Kanada" is not accepted??


Maybe word order? Have you tried with befinden sich?


Esa traducción está mala. ¡Diosss!

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