"You can't borrow my homework."


February 15, 2018

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    你不能向我借作業 也錯嗎?


    Of course it is right, please report it!


    你不可以向我借作业 - rejected


    Accepted now 8.15.20


    "You can't lend my homework"??? According to the lesson intro, that's what it says (at least without prior context).


    Can't edit, so I'll add on here.

    他可以借她他的作业, where [他的作业] becomes his homework as the object, and in broken English it's " he can borrow her his homework", the real English term for that is "he can lend her his homework".


    In Chinese, 借 is used interchangeably as lend or borrow.

    To be honest if you break it down into broken English, it can kinda make sense. (Where I'm from, some people directly translate Chinese to English, so their English sentence structure is the Chinese sentence structure, but somehow it makes for easier understanding and learning of Chinese tbh. Lol. In broken English, we just use the word borrow instead of lend. For eg. "Borrow me your homework" meaning lend me your homework, would be 借给我你的作业。

    For eg, 他可以借她的作业 would mean he can borrow her homework/ she can lend him her homework. Broken English = He can borrow her homework.

    Basically A 借 B => A is the lender of B or B is the borrower of A is how it works...

    Fun fact...If it's 他可以借她[他的作业], [他的作业] becomes his homework as a object. So in broken English, he can borrow her his homework.

    Sorry for the long sentence, I can't think of a better way to explain it as 借 meaning borrow/ lend can be a bit hard to explain, and as I kinda grew up with Chinese as my second language, Chinese sentence structures just comes naturally to me (I'm okay with speaking overall (grammarand basic to intermediate words), but not too good at reading and vocab...

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