English to Spanish translations

My favourite (and most challenging) part of Duolingo is when they give you an English phrase to translate into Spanish.

I find they do the opposite more often (read/hear a Spanish phrase and type out the English translation). The former forces me to build a grammitcally correct sentence -- like I would be doing in a conversation -- as oppossed to just understanding what others are saying.

Do I get more of these challenges as I go though the course?

5 years ago

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Yes, there are more challenges as you go through the course. You can always volunteer and try more translations in the translation section

5 years ago

I'm about halfway through the course, and I still find the same thing -- more questions requiring me to recognize Spanish than to produce it. I like that for new words, but I agree with you... I don't feel confident that I know a word or phrase until I can translate it from English to Spanish. I wonder if their word mastery algorithms take that into account.

5 years ago
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