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How to find out your name in Japanese Katakana

Anyone know how to find your name in Japanese Katakana?

February 15, 2018



This is really the only thing I use Google Transate for. It does a pretty good job at name transliteration.


wow... 108 day streak. I'm new so i hope i can be like you some day :3


Ok, thanks! But sometimes Google Translate doesn’t work. -_-


It does in this case. I typed my name in there once and it gave me the same transliteration that my Japanese teacher gave me a couple years earlier, even with the long vowel. I also used it for a friend I had at the time and his was accurate too.


Ok, thanks! I’ll try it out. My friend also showed me some Japanese name translator sites. ;p


While I have confirmed that the suggestions to use Google Translate do work pretty well, if you have a name that does not follow the traditional pronunciation (Americanized French name, etc), it will likely give the original pronunciation. For that reason, you should still double-check with someone.


I had some Japanese people tell me that.


You can use google translate, but here's how I would do it, so first learn the Hiragana alphabet, and all of it's noises, cut the last letter out of your name (if it is a consonant or a silent letter, save it for later if it's a consonant) look at the syllables of your name find the closest character (or group of two characters) to each syllable convert into hiragana (ex) Denis De_ni(s) closest to de is で (de) closest to ni is に (ni) so now we have deni but since the last letter was a consonant, we saved it so now the closest to s is す (su) so Denis in Japanese is Denisu put that in katakana and now we have goes to google translate cause I don't know katakana, In Japanese it's , デニス let's check.... We're right Yay!! Now try Lolmander (my username) comment what it is! (PRE-EDITING) (Now i have to correct all the grammar in this comment.....) My name is Elijah applying these guidelines we get an output of Eri-jya Katakana = エリじゃ or Eriya = エリヤ Whew My fingers are tired from typing


Most useful site for me has been: https://www.sljfaq.org/cgi/name-kanji.cgi

But it is good to double check pronunciations with Google translate.

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