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  5. "Meine Tür ist offen."

"Meine Tür ist offen."

Translation:My door is open.

March 20, 2013



So does this mean the same as in English ie I am approachable (on this subject)?

[deactivated user]

    No quiet.

    To translate I am approachable, you would say: "Meine Tür steht dir {weit} offen."

    in {} is optional.


    I'll be interested to hear too


    What is the difference between "Mein Tür ist offen" oder "Mein Tür ist geöffnet"? As far as i remeber we used on germen course the "geöffnet" more often then the "offen"


    You are right. In speech a lot of Germans or Austrians just say geöffnet, it is more common, more natural. If you translate it literally, you see that "geöffnet" means "opened" and so you say "my door is opened", but that is just the way native German speakers say it. So: "Mein Tür ist geöffnet" = "My door is opened" and "Mein Tür ist offen" = "My door is open".


    Meine instead of Mein


    There's no difference really. In the north you say offen more often and in the south it's geöffnet more often. But both ways are correct. "Geöffnet" is surely not more natural in the north. :) It sounds a little bit arrogant. Just a regional thing. ^^


    "My door's open" is what I put; Duo's not too keen on contractions, I gather.


    Not a native english speaker here. Is it the same if we say "the door is open" and "the door is opened". The second sentence is correct?


    Not a native english speaker as well but from what i have understood i will try to explain. The door is open means that the door is open right now and it was not open before but it is open now but the door is opened is passive form and it refers to a real action in a certain way . for example the door is opened on nine o'clock on wednesday it is a real action and the door is always open on mentioned time please correct me if i am wrong danke schön


    ''Open'' is the past participle form, it implies that something has been opened, whereas ''open'' is simply the adjective to say that something is open :) http://forum.wordreference.com/threads/eyes-open-opened.2417697/ (the post is in Spanish)


    Native English Speaker here. "The door is open" is in the present tense, or right now, so the door is still open. "The door is opened" is uncommon, but tends to mean the door was opened earlier and is still open. "The door was open" means that the door was opened, but is closed now.


    I heard auf works in place of offen. True?

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