"My mother gets along well with my aunt."

Translation:Ma mère s'entend bien avec ma tante.

February 15, 2018

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Duolingo didn't bother to teach me this before popping it up. How was I supposed to know that s'entend means to mean well? Entend = hear. Come on!


Thats how you learn honey. First you didnt know and then boom, now you know


If you don't know it, do some research and look it up - that's how we learn. Not everything is spoon-fed to us through life.

This is a great site: https://forum.wordreference.com . Just type in the key word or phrase - here it is "get along with" and the first response that is listed is s'entendre with an example of it's usage.


Thank you so much for your helpful information; minus of course, your sarcasm.


Wish Duo would go over small things like this before randomly throwing it in :/


The tips and notes for the French course are extensive. Try doing Italian for English speakers. That course is notable for its lack of explanatory notes and tips but some of its forum posters are most helpful.

All the notes for the French courses are great including Italian for French speakers - they are all written by different teams, and the French teams are tremendous.

Think of this sentence as a learning experience. Make a note of it if need be or try doing some research - it helps the learning (rather than leaning) process.


I get it but it's still frustrating. Then again it's what makes learning languages fun


Je me souviens la phrase "aimer bien". Sont-elles les mêmes?


No. "Aimer bien" means to like as a person. It doesn't necessarily mean you get along, which is what "s'entendre bien" expresses.


Bien bonjour à tous!

Une petite question: 1) "bien s'entendre" contre 2) "s'entendre bien" - Bref, à votre échelle, laquelle façon est juste et plus souvent utilisée par les français?

Merci d'avance pour votre réponse...

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