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  5. "Byla nám zima."

"Byla nám zima."

Translation:We were cold.

February 15, 2018



I am used to say "Bylo nám zima". Is this wrong? Or colloquial, or some regional variation?


It is the same, just some variation.


Why is 'we were feeling cold' not accepted in this execise while in a previous one wih similar constructuion 'bylo mi spatne' only i was feeling ill is accepted and not I was ill.


I was ill is clearly Byl jsem nemocný. Bylo mi špatně is mainly I was sick (as in eaten something bad (stomach ache, vomitting) or motion sickness, or headache or dizziness, not the state of having a disease). It can also mean that you were feeling bad during your illness. So that's why "feeling ill" was accepted and "ill" not.

As to why "feeling cold" is not accepted - I am not sure, but I thing it is just missing so I will add it.

Also note that your report contains You instead of We.


"It was cold to us." Is this a possible translation also?


question: is "zima" an adjective or a noun in this phrase ? thanks


It's a noun. Adjectives normally end in -ý, -á, -é, -í... (except the rare short forms like "rád").

Zima (coldness), chladno (coolness, chill), teplo (warmth), horko (heat) - we could use any of these nouns here. (The translations in parentheses are literal - "Je mi zima" is literally "Coldness is to me")


Sorry ...late thank you !

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