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"Er spielt nicht mit unseren Elefanten."

Translation:He does not play with our elephants.

March 20, 2013



Unsere Elefanten sind traurig.


This is harsh. I did hear "Ihr spielt" but no, the correct pronoun was "Er spielt" - darn. Usually I rely on the verb, but in this case it was of no help.. And talk about not being able to rely on common sense :) I am sort of a dog person. No elephants here.


Ich wundere mich warum


..why "he does not play with ours elephants" is not good ??


"Ours" is a possessive pronoun with the noun understood, not stated.

"Our" is an adjective modifying the noun, elephants. Thus, you could say, "... with our elephants." or "... with ours." but, "...with ours elephants." is not acceptable. Here are other examples:

My / mine: "They are my giraffes." "They are mine." BUT NOT "They are mine giraffes."

Their/theirs" "They are their drones." "They are theirs." BUT NOT "They are theirs drones."

Hope this helps.


If we had to generate the sentence ourselves,could the nicht have come at the end?

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