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just reached level 15 in french.


February 15, 2018



and I just reached 7515 french points .Plus I made a new record for myself to beat .Which is 200 points in one day.


Nice!!! Great job!!


Of course you deserve it!!


Félicitations ! :)


I have no idea who you are but congrats!


Félicitations !


Nice! I think I'm at level 12!


Félicitations! Keep on the good work!


Bravo et bonne continuation !


Just started DL last month, am at Level 14 French but only three, yet-to-be-completed, lessons display in the tree. Previously was able to scan down to upcoming lessons. There aren't any lessons beyond the three shown (last one being 'Spiritual'), which would allow me to work toward achieving the next level (15). What am I missing? TIA.


I'm not completely sure about this but I think it might be how many point's you do instead of how many lessons you complete.


Thanks, I have 6203 French points. Received an email reminder, just today, that I need only 1297 to achieve level 15. But, as already noted, there aren't lessons to accomplish that...just a handful remain...let alone strive for even higher levels such as those I see in others' profiles. My Achievements indicate I've completed a course but I haven't. I'm doing French as a refresher...decades since being proficient... but was just beginning to be a bit challenged. Was looking forward to being confronted with much more difficult lessons..I have many lessons left to do in Spanish so would appear I'll be able to achieve a higher level (although saw post by one person who 'maxed out' Spanish at Level 11 and ran out of lessons). Thought I had a general understanding of how DL worked but obviously don't. Going to step away and decide if I'll continue given how confusing and misleading I'm finding the program.


thank you for the lingots everybody .


this is the first time ever that I've gotten into the popular discussion page.

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