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how do you "invite a friend to join you on doulingo?"

please help me!

February 15, 2018



Go to "Your friends" (on Duolingo) then it will say to invite someone by email I hope this helps!!!


At the bottom of the leaderboard, it says "Send Invite". If you click on that then it will tell you to enter the person who you want to invite's email address. Do that and then you have "invited a friend to join you on duolingo". Hope this helps :)


down under your friends where it says, send invite, click on that, and type in the email address of who you want to invite, then click send, and you are done!


I have emailed, whatsapped and shared a link on Facebook and still don't have the achievement.. does someone have to actually join?

edit sorted it - need to do it from the website not the app - worked as soon as I sent the email invite.


Nope. I just sent one out, and the achievement unlocked immediately. Didn't do it through Facebook, though. Just an email address.


thank you soooooo much!!

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