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  5. "In einer Ecke"

"In einer Ecke"

Translation:In a corner

February 15, 2018



Why "in einer ecke"? Why is it dative case?


Actually "in" can ask either for dative or accusative.

With the dative, it answers a question such as "Where is it?" It is about location.

With the accusative ("in eine Ecke"), it would be about direction, answering a question such as "Where should I put it?" ☺

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The use of the preposition "in" is what makes this phrase dativ.


Is it the answer to "Wo sind Sie?", for example? And if I wanted to say "I'm going to a corner", would it be "Ich gehe in eine Ecke"?


Dative because of change of state? No movement?


Does German really swallow the trailing R as much as the Duo voices do? I cannot hear any difference between "eine" and "einer" even in the slow mode...


Yes, it depends of the dialect, but many swallow the R. Still, there is a difference in the final sound of eine [ə], and einer [ɔ] or [ɐ]


So would saying "In eine Ecke" mean "going into a corner"? It is a very different way of thinking from English I am trying to wrap my head around.


Yes. Accusative is movement towards.


Because "in" is a dative preposition, and "die"/"eine" becomes "der"/"einer" in the dative case.


I never learned 'in' as a dative preposition in school. Can you let me know if there are any others aside from: Aus, bei, mit, nach, seit, von, zu, außer, gegenüber? Fun fact. I just saw a tip to sing these like the first two lines of Good King Wencelas. It really helps. Sing in the order I typed them!


In is actually a two-way preposition ☺


Keiner stellt Baby in einer Ecke!


Stellen ist eine Bewegung, also Akkusativ "in eine Ecke". Und Baby ohne Artikel davor gibt es nur bei Baby Schimmerlos, dem Klatschreporter aus Kir Royal :-)

Also besser "Keiner stellt sein Baby in eine Ecke". Der Satz klingt wie von einem Feng-Shui-Berater, der das Babybettchen (mit dem Baby drin) nicht in die Ecke stellen würde


Good comments!

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