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  5. "V neděli nedělám."

"V neděli nedělám."

Translation:I do not work on Sunday.

February 15, 2018



so sunday is literally the no-work day :D


The etymology of Czech names of the days are quite easy to guess. Most are just numbers (cf. úterý and Russian второй, čtvrtek, pátek), středa is in the middle and sobota is obviously from sabbath.


And pondělí je po neděli (after sunday). :)


Very helpful explanation. Thank you.


Yeah. And Monday (pondělí) is the day after Sunday (po neděli).


In Polish we have "niedziela" and "poniedziałek" but etymology is not so obvious because we don't use the word "dělat" as often. We have "działać" (to act) but "robić" has a closer meaning to Czech "dělat". I would think about "dzielić" (to divide) too.

In Czech this connection is much more obvious.


neděle - den, kdy se nedělá - the day of no work

pondělí - from "po neděli" - the day after Sunday

úterý - from old Czech "vterý" which means "druhý" - the second day after Sunday

středa - from "střed (týdne)" - the middle (of the week)

čtvrtek - from "čtvrtý den" - the fourth day after Sunday

pátek - from "pátý den" - the fifth day after Sunday

sobota - from Hebrew shabbat (sabbath)


Nice! If this is in the general sense of every Sunday, it should be in the plural in English: "I do not work on Sundays."


It does not have to be.


You are right. My OED says that British English is Sundays and American English is mainly Sunday.


The point is that the Czech "V neděli nedělám." is ambiguous as to whether it means every Sunday or just this Sunday.

If you want to be more specific, you can say "Tuhle neděli nedělám" for not working this Sunday.

"O nedělích nedělám" or "V neděli nikdy nedělám" would specifically mean every Sunday.


"On Sunday i do not work" is wrong. Not sure why?


Use the "My answer should have been accepted" report button.


To further explain why we need the report button: "On Sunday I do not work" definitely is accepted. Without seeing your exact answer we cannot say if the answer contained some typo or if the system graded the answer incorrectly.

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