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"The reporter from the television is young."

Translation:Reportera de la televizor este tânără.

February 15, 2018



Why is “televiziune” not accepted instead of “televizor?” The reporter has nothing to do with my (or anybody's) TV set (televizor), she or he works for the television – which is “televiziune”, isn't it?

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I think both "televiziune" (TV station) and "televizor" (TV set) should be accepted. The English word "television" designates both.

  • "(de) la televizor" is the indication of the place where we see or hear a content.

  • "(de) la televiziune" is the indication of the place where the content comes from.


Is there any indication in the Romanian here, that it's a female reporter?


Sorry, I should have written: Is there any indication in the English question whether the answer should be a female or a male reporter?


" Reporterul de la televizor este tânãr "

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