"Do you have a diagnostic test for these conditions?"

Translation:Aveți un test diagnostic pentru afecțiunile acestea?

February 16, 2018

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Can't you also say: "Tu ai" (instead of "aveți")?

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There are three possible translations for ''you have":

  • you have = tu ai (second person, singular)
  • you have = voi aveți (second person, plural)
  • you have = dumneavoastră aveți (polite you, both singular and plural)


i tried tu and voi and they werent accepted


Can you also say, "un test de diagnosticare"?

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You can say "un test de diagnosticare a afecțiunilor", or "un test pentru diagnosticarea afecțiunilor".

"test de diagnosticare" is even more Romanian, in my opinion, than "test diagnostic", because in Romanian "diagnostic" is a noun, not an adjective, and a noun usually requires a preposition to be linked to another noun. It is different for example than "test psihologic" (psychological test) because "psihologic" is an adjective.


Why not 'aceste afecțiuni'??

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"aceste afecțiuni" should be accepted.


Ai diagnosticul pentru aceste afecțiuni


I think this should work, because we do not know that there is a single, well identified way to diagnose the condition. So it should at least be un diagnostic.

Also, I do not know about Romanian, but in French at least, although in theory the words diagnostic refers to the method used to identify a disease, in practice it often refers to the output of that process (i.e: the result of the test rather than the test). For this reason, we'd be more likely to say un test diagnostique than un diagnostic in this sentence. Maybe it's the same in Romanian (maybe not!).


"voi aveți" was not accepted...why that?


I should have been accepted. However it is less natural than "Aveți [...] ?"

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