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Fun Way to Learn More German


I found a fun way to add to my German vocabulary. Switch the preferred language on Websites that have the option to German. For example, at the bottom of your YouTube main page is an option to choose which language you prefer. Change it to German and it kinda forces you to learn words or look them up. I am pretty sure you can do the same on Google as well as other sites. The more German the better!


February 16, 2018



Yup. I've switched my phone's language from Swedish to German. Definitely a good idea to get more familiar with the language.

[deactivated user]

    Yes, it's a form of immediate immersion.

    Nowadays many electronic devices, software programs, etc, will allow you to change their language.


    I've considered changing my computer's language, but I'm scared I won't understand anything. I need to get over myself and just take the plunge.

    [deactivated user]

      Maybe start with a couple programs before changing the whole operative system.


      Just remember, keep a German dictionary handy! Either a big ole book or a website like dict.cc...then, if you get jammed up, you can figure it out!


      Yes, this is a good idea. I have done it for my phone. A lot of it is 'muscle memory' anyway so you intrinsically know which buttons/option to press for apps you use a lot like Facebook/Spotify etc. Just make sure you remember how to get to the language settings in your phone to change them back if you get stuck!


      Gute Idee. Danke! I have also add a German keyboard to my devices. Helpful, but be careful of auto-correct!


      I switched my keyboard to German on my home PC. I got tired of keyboard shortcuts for the umlauts, lol....I just have to remember to keep my y and z letters straight....there the most used for me...


      I've done this a few times and it's very helpful. When I took German in high school I liked buying cheap DS games and changing the language on them too.

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