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Iphone App doesnt update


I completed , in vain, the Objects lessons in Spanish (for the 4th time). Despite having completed all 9 lessons, my home screen shows a 7/9 for Objects. I've tried testing out, I've tried strengthening skills but nothing works. I've even tried reinstalling the app.

Note that all these problems are only in my Iphone App. The desktop app in fact shows that I've completed the next lesson "To be" which I actually havent even started. Please help.

Thanks a ton


April 16, 2014



Hi! I see that you've completed To Be on the web. I'm going to take a look into this and get back to you!


Hi Kristine. Thanks a lot. It seems to be working fine now. Sorry for being impatient. It was fine after a couple of hours. Awesome app this is.


Yea, we took a look and it didn't seem to have an issues on our side. Glad to hear the same is for you :)

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