"Je veux un poisson rouge."

Translation:I want a goldfish.

March 20, 2013

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One fish, two fish red fish, blue fish

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Dr. Seuss--Theodore Geisel. Wonderful!


Why is "I want red fish" incorrect? It says I must use "a red fish" here. What's the difference?


there is a trap here: the correct translation for "poisson rouge" is really "gold fish"... (French vs English view)


Yeah, but it gave me two options: "goldfish" and "a red fish". I was wondering why "I want a red fish" is fine, but "I want red fish" is not. In other questions it was okay to skip the indefinite article.


If you are on the market place, at the fishmonger's stand, you can say "je veux un poisson rouge" (called "un rouget" - that is the only one I know which is read and can be eaten) if its size justifies such a request. If you want "some red tuna" for example, which is generally very big, chances are you won't buy a whole one, just a piece of it, so you will say "je veux du poisson rouge". However, in both cases, it will sound weird, because "red" is not a common way of defining a fish, except the famous "poisson rouge" (goldfish). When it comes to meat, you can ask for "une viande rouge" or "de la viande rouge" (beef in general), as opposed to white meat (chicken for example).


Maybe you just want a red fish for your aquarium and it doesn't make any difference what species it is as long as it is red. (but maybe a little smaller than a tuna)

My literal translation of the French was accepted but I was definitely surprised to see goldfish presented as the more likely usage.

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because if you skip the article you make it plural; they used the singular form of the noun so you have to translate it using the singular form.


I want red fish = I want some red fish.

I want a red fish = I want one red fish.

There is a difference both in French and English.


It seems simple to me. The French is "UN poisson rouge," therefore the translation is "A red fish" (or "a goldfish). If the sentence used "de" or "du" it might be more complicated.


Because it cannot be general here (as the verb "to want sthg." only refers to existing objects, fictional or otherwise), and "red fish" would be plural.


How are we suppose to know that poisson rouge is goldfish?.. and btw goldfish are orange - oh those French people! so confusing!

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    Oh lala, ces Français ! ;-)


    I n Louisiana we have redfish. How would you say that in French? Confusing!!!


    So how do you ask for a red fish that would not be mistaken for a goldfish?


    You would try to find its real name, maybe.


    What if you really wanted a red fish, how would you ask that?


    So, is it common to mention goldfish with rouge poisson in french?


    Yes, apparently the French see them as red whereas English speakers qualify them as gold.


    Interesting to see how a language can change your perception of the physical world.


    That's why languages are amazing and why we should get everyone to learn a different language.


    *poisson rouge


    No, really, i don't.


    First of all, goldfish wouldn't be goldfish if they were red. Second of all: What's wrong with "I want a red goldfish"?


    Does seem a bit strange to tick the goldfish box for Poisson rouge


    It says poisson rouge. Why is it goldfish instead of red fish?


    How come "red goldfish" doesn't work? It corrected me. SOS.


    There's no such thing as a "red goldfish".


    Yo...they put Read from the verb reading instead of Red from colors and they put goldfish while theyre clearly asking for a red fish...


    Poisson rouge is read as goldfish! Why?

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      Because this is how you say it in French. Try to forget about literal translation.


      I want some goldfish, and a red fish... please.


      I think for me it's now time to ask this question:

      How to emphasize a verb in French? For example here:

      In English we say:

      "I do want a red fish."

      How about doing the same thing in French?


      If what you describe is in a conversation with:

      Q: Don't you want a red fish? A: I do want a red fish.

      ... the French would read:

      Q: Tu ne veux pas de poisson rouge ? A: Si, je veux un poisson rouge.

      There are other ways, notably with the use of "bien" to reinforce the verb:

      "I do want a red fish" = je veux bien un poisson rouge


      I want a red goldfish..surely is more accurate..why mention 'rouge' Otherwise it is. I want a fish..


      It say red fish not gold!


      Why is gold fish a red fish?


      Why is un poisson rouge un poisson doré ?

      I don't think anyone knows why the French see them red and English speakers gold.


      Il y a bien longtemps, les poissons étaient blancs . Mais il y en avait deux pas comme les autres : Lilou et Pipo . C'étaient deux amoureux qui, à chaque fois qu'ils se voyaient, devenaient rouge écarlate . Le temps passait . Plus ils se voyaient, plus ils s'aimaient . Un beau jour ils décidèrent de se marier . Ce fut un mariage merveilleux . Tous les poissons des rivières voisines étaient invités . Même la reine était présente . Elle avait mis la plus belle robe de sa collection, celle qui était de couleur rouge et argent . Il y avait des verres-anémones de toutes les couleurs, des assiettes en coquilles de palourdes, des couteaux en dents de requins ... Une fois que tous les convives furent installés, la reine frappa dans ses mains . Tout le monde se tut et regarda vers les futurs mariés . Au moment de s'embrasser, ils devinrent tous les deux rouges de la tête à la queue . Comme ils ne se quittaient jamais, ils restèrent toujours rouges . C'est depuis ce jour que les poissons rouges sont rouges ... (Je remercie Louise, Juliette et Janne du Collège Chateaubriand de Rennes.)


      Please let me thank you (and them) for this lovely story, both entertaining and written in perfect French.


      So what is the french word for 'Gold'?


      A goldfish? That does not make sense.


      Why did it show "poisson rouge"? I put red fish for that and it says its wrong


      :( I hear and wrote, 'J'ai un poisson rouge'


      So that doesn't translaye to "I want a red fish"?


      Today I learned the French consider goldfish to be red fish. Thanks!


      The man drops his voice at the end of the sentence. I cannot hear the word "rouge". I will report it although there is not really a place for this.

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