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"Čtrnáctý den jsme jedli jen ty zvláštní hrušky."

Translation:On the fourteenth day, we only ate the strange pears.

February 16, 2018



This has to be one of the most bizarre sentences I have ever seen on Duolingo, and I have seen quite a few. I stared at the screen for several minutes before submitting my answer wondering if I had missed something that would serve to make it less surreal in such an oddly-specific way...


It does sound like The Lord of the Flies. And I have just finished eating a pear...


I thought of some SF novel where the pears on an alien planet will turn them into zombies or something. Wonderful sentence.


I'm sorry if the question seems ridiculous. But I understand from English version, that those people ate normal food for thirteen days and only on the last fourteenth day they had to eat pears. The Chech version shows us, that the poor people ate weird pears every day for two weeks running. Am I the only one seeing this dissonance?


The Czech sentence does not necesarilly imply it.


you are a third language native, aren't you. the english sentence is silent as to what happened prior to the fourteenth day. and to give the czech sentence the meaning you suggest, i would have used "už" as the first word; otherwise the meaning leans the english way.


Thank you for your answer! Indeed, my native language is Russian. That's why I often have "Lost in Translation" here:)


this certainly could have been jedly, as well as jedli, there is no gender indication?


Yes, thank you. Next time you get a listening exercise with this issue, would you please mention the listening part?


Wouldn't "we only ate those strange pears" be correct, too?


"On the fourteenth day we only ate those strange pears" is also accepted.


And what about "At the fourteenth day..."?


Nope. It's not accepted, and it shouldn't be.

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