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Anfangen - Aufhören : Particle placement (an - auf)

In these sentences from the reverse tree :

(1) Es hörte auf zu regnen. (2) Sie fang zu essen an.

Can someone explain if there is a reason that the particle in the first sentence comes right after the verb but not in the second one ? If not, it's not that much of a deal either. Just curious.

Thank you.

February 16, 2018



I would say "Sie fangen an zu essen". :)


You can say "es hoerte zu regnen auf" and "sie fing an zu essen". Your choice.


FWIW, these are interchangeable:

  • Es hörte auf zu regnen. // Es hörte zu regnen auf.

  • Sie fing an zu essen. // Sie fing zu essen an.

I would say that the first variation in each sentence is (by far!) the more common (and/or better sounding) one, but that really is my personal impression. IOW, people from other regions might object. :-)


Thanks, I am starting to pay more attention to particles placement for now on.


I know that one of these options was considered as false, so it's good to know. Thanks.


maybe it was rated wrong because of the wrong time. It should be "sie fing an..." (past) not "sie fang an..." (present, but incorrect: ... fängt an...")


Well, my mistake is definitely the correct explanation. Thanks.

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