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Anfangen - Aufhören : Particle placement (an - auf)

In these sentences from the reverse tree :

(1) Es hörte auf zu regnen. (2) Sie fang zu essen an.

Can someone explain if there is a reason that the particle in the first sentence comes right after the verb but not in the second one ? If not, it's not that much of a deal either. Just curious.

Thank you.

February 16, 2018



I would say "Sie fangen an zu essen". :)


You can say "es hoerte zu regnen auf" and "sie fing an zu essen". Your choice.


FWIW, these are interchangeable:

  • Es hörte auf zu regnen. // Es hörte zu regnen auf.

  • Sie fing an zu essen. // Sie fing zu essen an.

I would say that the first variation in each sentence is (by far!) the more common (and/or better sounding) one, but that really is my personal impression. IOW, people from other regions might object. :-)


I know that one of these options was considered as false, so it's good to know. Thanks.

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