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Bonita, linda, hermosa, bella, and guapa: The difference

I would like to post a link to this question: Bonita, linda, hermosa, bella, and guapa: what's the difference? ... and the selected answer:


BTW, I didn't know that bonito is also a noun for a fish (=pez, not pescado),A bonito is a specie of tuna (atún), and one comment on the thread reads: if you are in Spain and see canned "Bonito", prefer it over canned "atún"

<h1>pez vs pescado, which to use</h1>

Pez is an animal, which you catch by doing the verb "pescar." Once a fish has been caught, it has been "pescado" - the past participle of "pescar." The "pez nadando" has become "pescado en tu plato"

February 16, 2018



"hermosa" or "preciosa" is most qualitative of beauty in general (face, body, smile, eyes, hair), "bella" in the second place, "guapa" is only to describe a beauty face (smile, eyes, nouse in equity) "bonita" or "linda" is like a cute or nice or sweetie, (bonita is female diminutive of "bueno" or "buen")

February 16, 2018


all these words are synonyms of something, or someone cute, beauty, or gorgeous, Hope this can help you! ;)

February 17, 2018


It's all in the context and verbal expression... While all the words say something nice about someone, there is context difference.

Por ejemplo, a "good looking gal" is walking down the street. Carlos sees her, and thinks , qué linda .

Carlos turns the corner and sees a "dazzling beauty", and he thinks, "qué guapa!!! ",

It's like English, cute, pretty, beautiful, stunning, dazzling, depends on context and expression.

February 17, 2018


Just saw your answer on pez/pesacado. so clear and helpful!

July 6, 2018
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