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  5. "You should sleep."

"You should sleep."

Translation:Du solltest schlafen.

March 20, 2013



I considered if this was meant to be subjunctive "du solltest schlafen" you should sleep (but you might not) when I saw the correct solution 1. However if this were the reasoning, the answer "Sie sollen schlafen" wouldn't be available as a correct solution 2, meaning you are supposed to sleep. I'm not entirely committed to this but I did find supporting evidence.

Here are citations I used: http://www.verbix.com/webverbix/German/sollen.html



Additionally I submitted "du sollst schlafen" as an answer along with this comment, but I think this may be useful for a comment if anyone else is trying to figure out sollen.


I don't undersand why "Sie sollten schlafen." isn't accepted when "Du solltest schlafen." is. If anything "Sie sollen schlafen" shouldn't be accepted as it'd mean "You're supposed to sleep". Right?


I agree with this and don't understand it. Could anyone explain this?

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