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anyone please help me translate this phrase into German

the phrase is "ignorance is bliss i once heard but what ignorance is I never understood the only thing which made sense was if ignorance is bliss then curiosity must be the opposite"

I am sorry for the trouble but, even though I have been lately studying German I feel very useless, and if possible please tell me some ways to improve my german. enough to translate a paragraph and be able to tell its the right translation, could anyone also point out what is wrong in the translation i have done below, "ich einmal gehört,Ignoranz ist Glückseligkeit, aber ich habe nie verstanden das wort Ignoranz. Wenn Ignoranz Glückseligkeit ist, dann muss Neugier das Gegenteil sein"

February 16, 2018



Tough one, but I'll give it a try.

Unwissenheit sei ein Segen, habe ich einst gehört, aber nie verstanden, was Unwissenheit bedeutet. Das einzige, das Sinn ergibt: Wenn Unwissenheit ein Segen ist, so muss wohl Wissensdrang das Gegenteil sein.


the translation made by Marie is very good. Yours needs a bit help. "Ich HABE einmal gehört, Ignoranz sei Glückseligkeit. Ich habe (aber) nie die Bedeutung des Wortes Ignoranz verstanden" ( use different word order here) your last sentence is perfect to me.

You should not feel bad if you get confused by philosophical texts. Even natives have to think hard to understand them.


So true, Hannibal. Translating philosophical texts, particularly in German, is real tough and not even every native German's cup of tea. My own German text to interpret when I was doing my finals at high school in Germany, was a text by Goethe; I had twenty long minutes to come up with an acceptable interpretation for only 1 page of Goethe's text in order to pass .(BTW, I fortunately did). So, Redmynd, do not feel bad and don't be discouraged if you wouldn't get it 100%.


thanks for the encouragement, and the comments


dann muss Neugier das Gegenteil sein to be exact

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