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Aujourd'hui est mardi

According to a lesson on duolingo

Hier, aujourd'hui, and demain can be used as nouns when qualified by an adjective or another noun. Demain est un autre jour. — Tomorrow is another day. Hier était férié. — Yesterday was a holiday.

Mardi is a noun, isn't it?. So why can't you say

Aujourd'hui est mardi

February 16, 2018



It is grammatically correct, but idiomatically incorrect.


You can say today is Tuesday in all these different ways:

• aujourd'hui, c'est mardi

• aujourd'hui nous sommes mardi

• aujourd'hui on est mardi


Agreed, and I would also say "Hier, c'était ferié" or "C'était ferié hier". "Demain est un autre jour" seems to be an exception, maybe because it's an old saying, or maybe because it originated from English.


"Aujourd'hui est mardi" – it seems to be missing something, but it is not incorrect.

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