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"You and the girl speak English."

Translation:Tu și fata vorbiți limba engleză.

February 16, 2018



So when do I use limba + language (eg: limba engleza) and when to say just plain engleza?? There must be a hidden difference cause i get it wrong sometimes when i put it and other times when I dont


Eu vorbesc limba română = I speak Romanian (language) (It is more formal. It is more used in writing)
Eu vorbesc româna, engleza și franceza = I speak Romanian, English and French (usullay in spoken language)
It is the same thing like: El este = El e


I'm constantly confusing this type of sentence with 'vorbeste' instead of 'vorbiti' because of the girl. Can someone confirm that it'd be the 'you' (pl) because we're talking about the one person AND the girl as two.

I feel I understand the rule more when I understand how the sentence pulls together - getting my head around the sentence in Romanian isn't always too easy

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You got it right. Here we have what is called a subiect multiplu (multiple subject) - more than one subjects doing the same action. The action is expressed using the verb conjugated at plural.

a vorbi - present tense

  • eu vorbesc = I speak
  • tu vorbești = you speak
  • el/ea vorbește = he/she speaks
  • noi vorbim = we speak
  • voi vorbiți = you speak
  • ei/ele vorbesc = they speak


In Englisch it counts as plural: you AND the girl = they. Logically here should be plural: they vorbesc. But not only you vorbiți...


Actually though I keep getting tempted into the same trap, we just can't analyse it in English because the same verb form is used for "you two" as for "they".


is vorbiți the conjugation for second person plural?

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Yes, "voi vorbiți".


The format of this question is confusing, and on my screen difficult to read, is anyone else having this trouble?

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