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French Book recomendation for Beginnner

I started learning French so that someday I could read "le petit prince" in French. Is there any easier book to read for practice?

February 17, 2018



This is a fantastic resource!


Thank you for the useful link! They are all familiar stories so I don't feel intimidated!


Thank you. This is awesome!


I don't know if it's easier than le petit prince, but there's Les Aventures Du Petit Nicolas. You could also try and read some fairy tales. There's also Patapoufs et Filifers. I've never read this one, but it seems cute.


Agreed on Le Petit Nicolas. Each story is only about 6 pages, so it's easy to read through each one a few times to make sure you get everything.


Oh, thank you so much for the idea! Fairy tales! Why I didn't think about that!

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    Le Petit Prince is a classic and it is fairly easy to read in your beginnings of learning French. Le lion et l'oiseau isn't bad either with lots of illustrations and simple sentences.


    Thank you for the suggestion! I will check about Le lion et l'oiseau. Sadly I tried to read Le Petit Prince for several times but I would get lost and never read it through once!


    I'm reading Le Petit Prince right now, and it's helping me to look up words I don't know, circle them, and write the definition in the margin. This way, I know I'm understanding the words. Also, I can go back and reread much easier and faster. My goal is to be able to read without looking up words, just inferring from context, but that's just too many words right now!


    Also, recognizing the passe simple, imparfait, and passe compose are essential in my opinion

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    With a book in French - don't be afraid to read a chapter or section in English first, and then read the same part in French immediately after. That way you don't have to worry about getting lost and feeling like you have to look up every word or phrase that confuses you.

    You can get used to reading whole paragraphs and pages without stopping. Afterwards you can look up particular words you want to understand.


    I like the idea to read a section by section. Reading the part in English in advance is a good idea!


    These are pretty easy too.

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    J'aime "Petit Nicholas". I find it easier to read and follow than "Le Petit Prince" Bonne chance !


    "La Ville Souterraine" est une manifique livre. The best part is that it comes with a CD that includes the full audio of the text. This book is part of a series of books "lire en francais facile" from the publisher Hachette and are based off of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Even though this book is at an A2 level I found it to be easier to read than some books at an A1 and also easier than "Le Petite Prince". All of the recordings are top quality and even help with understanding the books due to the tone of the narrators voice. Bien sur, Duolingo stories are fun practice as well.


    Thanks for the link, Tayorjes92. That looks like a good series for graded material. (FWIW, I'll order something from the series next time I order something in French, to see if the books/recordings are done well.)


    Thank you NeSmilga!


    I'm overwhelmed with all the good suggestions and encouragements! Thank you all to share the ideas! I'm very impressed and inspired by many who responded to my request. I'm so glad to be learning French through DuoLingo.


    You can get dual language books on Amazon. I purchased "The Complete Fairy Tales in Verse and Prose of Charles Perrault. I would not say they are easy, but there is French on the left hand page and English on the right.


    Thank you . Good link

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