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  5. "多儿是一只猫头鹰,今年五岁。"


Translation:Duo is an owl, he's five years old this year.

February 17, 2018



Just so you know: Chinese people tend to add a year to their age at each New Year rather than on birthdays. This custom is consistent with a collectivistic (vs. individualistic) culture. Time inside the womb may be considered a year of age, as well. Also, even though Chinese months tend to have 30 days each, gestation is estimated to be ten months rather tham nine months, somehow based on the idea that each month is 28 days.


"Duo is an owl, it is five years old this year" rejected but "he is five years old" is correct, how do i know Duo is a he?


only because duo was referred to as he/他 in previous questions. It is all context, which, funnily enough, is very important for Chinese.


I am a native speaker of Chinese. And I think "it is five years old" is perfectly fine and right.

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Reported it to be accepted.


Duo is an owl who is five years old this year, should be accepted as correct


This chapter is all about the owl and duolingo

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