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Finalmente, Aperti Le Vostre Bottiglie

[deactivated user]

    Ho finito. Cosa buona e’ che ? After 67 weeks of battle, 27375 xps, 1068 lingotty gems, I ended up with a 62% fluency rating at level 24. All of which mean nothing, now I know the basics its time to start learning and remembering, which I know is going to take many more years but im very much looking forwards to it. Many many thanks to all who have aided and encouraged me for the past 15 months, its all been invaluable.

    After completing about 20 sections in a little over a week I think its time to leave Italian alone for a few days as my brain has seriously melted with all those seemingly impossible subjunctive sentences and talk of death and murder.

    Pensiamoci, Grazie prego ciao.


    February 17, 2018



    Complimenti, ben fatto!

    P.S. Credo che sia giusto scrivere: "aprite le vostre bottiglie."


    Congratulations! Tanti Auguri! Well done!!! Have some of my useless lingots, maybe you can buy some bitcoins with them eventually!!

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you, did you know that £50 of Bitcoins 10 years ago is now worth over £1,000,000. Im saving my Lingots, just in case.


      Congratulations! Waiting for your announcement this weekend has been a bit like waiting for a friend to give birth, and the pleasure is just as good. You have worked so hard, so while you are relaxing you can imagine us all opening our little/big bottles of Prosecco tonight.

      Cheers, saluti, and my Italian speaking cat says 'Ciaoiao'.

      Tanti auguri, Helen

      [deactivated user]

        ha ha, Thats some serious waiting. I did the whole last bit (politics) while still in bed this morning ( TM I). Now im a free man. Hope you enjoy the Prosecco tonight, I certainly will be doing while watching a TV screen instead of a monitor screen. For the past few years we have visited Italy 4 or 5 times each year, sadly not so many this year, so i will have to depend on my native friends online to converse with until July. Say Hi to your cat for me, in a Sheffield accent.


        Bravissimo e cin cin


        Complimenti! And yes, you deserve a break from the subjunctive for a while...


        Congratulazioni per aver raggiunto il traguardo!


        Congratulazioni! Goditi il meritato riposo!


        Congratulations... If they ever put a monetary value on Lingots I will be able to buy a house... . Seriously.. If you are looking to continue learning Italian, I suggest you do the English for Italian speakers course. It really drove home some of the rules that I didn't quite understand.


        Congratulations. The battle will never end. Tanti aguri!

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