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"El niño quiere dibujar en la pizarra."

Translation:The boy wants to draw on the chalkboard.

7 months ago



I wrote -blackboard- which is given on the hover hints yet my answer was marked wrong.

6 months ago


A pretty common way to say this (in Australia at least) is to just say 'board'. "I'm going to write it on the board". You would only specify if there was a choice of boards (blackboard/whiteboard). I don't think it's ever called a chalkboard in Australia.

4 months ago


And most of our blackboards at school were actually green. We never use 'chalkboard' in the UK. Doubt there are any blackboards left in schools nowadays.

2 months ago

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Your second sentence is false. You probably meant "I never used, or heard, chalkboard when I was at school" but have been infected by the Duo discussion group malaise of making extraordinarily confident sweeping generalisations from limited narrow experience. I wouldn't say everyone of course but many in education in the UK do use that word.

1 month ago


I and do not see why "chalkboard" is accepted while "blackboard" is not. Cambrige dictionary gives them as synonims.

7 months ago

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I thought " pisara" might mean something else - every bit as much realistic, but American prudeness would prohibit that? You- with your restrooms..

1 week ago