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Road to becoming a weaboo

Hello guys! How are you all doing^^

I am a huge fan of anime and manga and now that there's a japanese for english speakers course here in duolingo, I am now studying so I could watch raw animes and also read UNscanlated mangas. I know the road to becoming a 100% fluent speaker is hard but I know that there are others out there who is doing the same thing.

All the best everyone ^_^ Let's not give up on our dreams!

And feel free to ask me anime or manga recommendations. I have watched more than 200 different anime series (and completed them) and also read hundreds of mangas. don't hesitate to ask me ^^ We are fellow weaboos after all ^^

February 17, 2018



I always thought the term "weaboo" had negative connotations... Then again, I could be wrong.

Anime and Jpop were the reasons why I got interested in the Japanese language, but then I discovered more of Japan's culture. I really got invested into the language then. I was off and on with learning Japanese in the past, until Duolingo actually created a course and that was when I wanted to seriously learn the language.

I don't plan on becoming fluent in Japanese; probably only good enough to write literature in it and be reasonably good at watching anime (or reading manga) without translations. I don't think there's any way in becoming 100% fluent, though I believe I understand what you mean. I really hope you can achieve that goal!

Good luck with your studying!


from my limited understanding of the term, "Weeaboo" is derogatory but KingDavidMalachi's uage is wrong.. a Weeaboo is someone who so intensely wants to be Japanese that they are willing to renounce their own nationality to further integrate Japanese culture into themselves. Davidjust wants to be able to watch/read Japanese media without the air of translation, which is an admirable goal as much nuance can easily be lost in the translation process! in any case I hope I was able to clear up the confusion around the term (Which SHOULDN'T be applied to oneself seriously!)


Hmm.... I'm not a "weaboo", I only want to read untranslated manga by myself. But more or less, our goal is the same. がんばってね :D


Sure! Let's both do our best ^_^ By the way, I like your profile pic. That's the Narehate from Made in Abyss, right?


Is the word 'weaboo' similar to otaku? I've seen the word mentioned in relation to Vocaloids and Japanese song covers. What does 'weaboo' mean?

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