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Confusing with the fluency percentage in French.

I had fluency percentage in French 62%, than suddenly it falled back to 61%, than it was 62% again, now it is 61% again. What does this fluency percentage mean and why is it changing in both ways? In German I have 40% and it the score is moving only in one direction - forward. I am practicing French and German the same amount of time every day.

February 17, 2018



yeah i think that if your memory bars are low then your fluency drops


The fluency percentage is not accurate, but it could vary depending on how many errors you get on your exercises or how often you do exercises? The fluency percentage may only be there for motivation.


No, I couldn't observe direct correlation between time I spent and accuracy and the percentage fluctuation. It looks like more like a bug in the algorithm. If it is meant to motivate than it's totally wrong.


Your fluency is based on the strength of your words. As all words decay over time, your fluency will drop over time. But when you review anything (or take new modules), your fluency will climb.


Thank you very much! Now it makes sense.

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