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flying fluency

I don't know why but my german fluency is increasing way too fast and by fast I mean after every lesson fluency increases by 2%
and I am currently on Phrases. and have already reached a fluency of 23%

February 17, 2018


  • 2006

Don't worry, my fluency in French behaved the same when I started, it means nothing much though, most of people here would tell you that fluency is meaningless and you will be best if you treat it that way too. My Duolingo fluency in French right now is 65% but my real one is more like 15% (if that's even measurable).

[deactivated user]

    I am seeing the same thing with German and French, but have been ignoring it.


    Fluency percentage doesn't mean shit. It's a misleading thing that Duolingo refuses to remove. Just ignore it. You can have 100% and still don't even know how to construct a sentence.


    It seems to be going up fast when you are starting but then it slows down so basicly you will need multiple lessons to get 1%. For me it went fast up to about 30-40% and then it became slower.

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