"Are you a lawyer?"

Translation:Tu ești un avocat?

February 17, 2018

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What is wrong with "sunteti avocat?" (apart from missing ts sign which I cannot write)

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"Sunteți avocat?" should work for "dumneavoastră", which is the polite form of you. Report it.


Same for me -- reported -- "voi sunteti un avocat". It's the same as the suggested "Tu ești un avocat?" except for the formal versus informal


I tried polite form for a female lawyer 'Voi sunteți o avocată' and this was not allowed. Where English is ambiguous Duolingo really needs to allow all possible options (or give you a clue via picture?)


Different from French and Portuguese where the polite pronoun is simply the 2nd person plural, In Romanian the polite pronoun is "dumneavoastră" with the verb at plural. "Voi" is not a polite pronoun, just the 2nd person plural so it requires plural for the determiner too.

"Dumneavoastră sunteți o avocată" (polite, singular)

"Voi sunteți (niște) avocați" (plural)

"Dumneavoastră" is an abbreviation of "domnia voastră" - loosely "your lordship"

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