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Is Certificate Test more strict? Or buggy?

I'm almost Level 14 in German, I've finished my tree, and I can fairly easily do any of the lessons without losing all my hearts. So a week ago I said what the heck, let's try this Certificate Test. I got 0.76/5.00. Is that right? I know the normal lessons accept many variations of answers, don't require you to capitalize first words of sentences, don't require punctuation etc etc.. so is the Certificate Test more strict, or buggy, or is my knowledge less than I thought?

April 16, 2014



That certificate grade doesn't exactly mean that you stink at German. No, I don't think it was a bug, I think you got the grade you got, but maybe a lot of the questions were just really hard this go around! Here's 25 more lingots so you can try it again =).


Well the questions weren't very hard, just like the lessons I fly through. meh, I'll try it again and see what happens.

Edit: oh, whoa, slow DL website just updated and I realized you actually gave me 25 lingots. I thought it was more of a "holding my glass up and cheers" type of comment. nope. Thanks!


I love the good-spirited people of the Duo world :) Just in case your next attempt goes wrong, and you end up thinking "Third time lucky?" - Here's 25 from me :P


Wow, thanks! I'm rich!!


Hmm.. maybe something was wonky before or I had a hard test the first time? With only a week between the two tests, I went from a 0.76 to a 3.28.

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