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I am level seventeen in french ( 17 )

French stories were a great addition from Duolingo. Stories pronunciation is much perfect comparing to google pronunciation. The interactions are well planned and the two styles of voice speed enable us more. Here is my duty to say " thank you duolingo ". I hope one day duolingo becomes more capable to push us more by facilitating the voice chat between a learner and a native volunteer.Up till now,that goal is hardly achieved because most natives want " money" for that effort. It is my duty to thank those real french maximum level passers like " Olja" and " Username ". From those active participants,I became motivated and they were like a flag over a mountain in front of my eyes. I hope every one here (including me ),to find himself catching the flag of 25 of his ( or her ) beloved language .

February 18, 2018



Well said pollyperki! And good work, reaching level 17 in french!


Thank you Camilla. Your comment is a strong motivation to me.


Wow... That was said so well..... Congrats! it's very hard to reach a high level . Hope you finish your tree!


Thank you Slyia_ Also,you are talented for raising 16 lingustic trees simultaneously.


Formidable. Je serai à dix-sept un jour.


Donc, vous êtes mon jumeau. Venez ensemble vers le 25!


D'accord! C'est excellent! Amusez-vous avec Duolingo!


Merci Nancy. Vous courez aussi vite depuis quatre ans.


I am at level 21 but can’t get by 60% fluency. Why do you keep putting me back to basic lessons to redo? How can I proceed? Thanks, Ian C.


I had 70%, but now I have 69%. I'm pretty sure 70% is near the limit of how high you can get. Try keeping all your lessons golden. Also, don't worry about what it displays on duolingo; try reading French children's stories or interacting with other French media. It'll do more to improve your ability.


Félicitations le cheval ! tu es une source d'inspiration pour nous tous.

Je pourrais parler avec toi mais je ne suis pas aussi très bon à l'oral tant que je suis à l'écrit.


Merci Cookie.Il est mon plaisir de parler avec vous. Ne vous inquiétez pas, le bébé rampe, titube et tombe beaucoup avant d'être capable de courir.

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