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Previewing Vocabulary

Hello! :)

I was wondering if there's a way to preview all of the words that are taught in a lesson BEFORE you do said lesson? Duolingo is fantastic for learning grammar and such, but I find that in some cases it would have made more sense (for me personally) if I had learned the new words before I did the lesson.

March 20, 2013



I agree. People have different learning styles, and learning the verbs before conjugating them would probably help a lot of people. Others learn best simply by experiencing them (and that, in the end, is what helps you remember them), but I think it would be helpful. Luckily, there is a list of vocabulary, so you can reference and study that before practicing the lesson again.

It'd be nice to have the vocab list with articles in front, as well (in my Spanish class, words were ALWAYS listed as el agua, etc.) Most people recommend learning that way in order to make gender more intuitive.


nods I'm a big fan of how Duolingo teaches grammar, but I felt a little overwhelmed after doing French Verbs 2, which is the section where they introduce 40+ new verbs.

I don't actually struggle much at memorizing new vocabulary and I enjoy learning grammar. And yet I find that I often have to memorize the english translations of sentences (on top of memorizing new vocabulary and applying french grammar), because they tend to sound rather unnatural and I often lose hearts in those French -> English exercises even though I technically know what the french sentences mean. Pre-studying new vocabulary would mean that I'd have to worry less on memorizing stuff during the lesson, which would in turn allow me to truly focus on applying words + grammar. I realize that people learn differently, but, as you rightly pointed out, we already get a list after we do a lesson, so it shouldn't be too difficult to provide us with the same list prior to doing a lesson.

And I agree with you, btw. I always add the gender of a word to my flashcards! I think I'd get way too confused if I didn't, haha.


Agreed! Just a little about each new phrase or word that will be in the next lesson. In the discussions, people don't always answer questions correctly.

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