"What do your parents think?"

Translation:¿Qué piensan tus padres?

11 months ago



Shouldn't it be 'Que piensan a tus padres? '

I'm still very confused about when to use 'a' when referring to people or animals...

6 months ago

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Here, "parents" is the subject of the sentence, doing the thinking.
The "personal a" is used when the person or pet/animal is the direct object of the sentence.
Although direct objects often come at the end of the sentence, sometimes the subject comes there. So location is not always a sure sign that a "personal a" is needed.

4 months ago

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I put "Que tus padres piensan". I think that is also correct.

11 months ago


It sounds very odd to mention a subject after an interrogative «qué», «cómo» or «dónde» (but it's okay after a «por qué»).

11 months ago

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Duo gave me the solution 'Qué cosa piensan tus padres?' which I'm pretty sure isn't right.

9 months ago


So this is to read, "What do they think, your parents?"

8 months ago
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