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Conter vs Dire

Can someone explain the french verb conter? I am watching a movie and it is used in the sense of "to tell" as in "je conte mon histoire" I am having trouble getting results from google about this word. Could you also say "Je dis mon histoire"? What is the difference?

February 18, 2018



"je dis mon histoire" is like saying "I say my story".

Instead use "conte" or "raconte", which both mean "tell".


Je raconte un conte de trois petits cochons" ("un conte" also means a fairytale!)


And I would add that "conter" is not used in everyday, modern French. Only "racconter" is used (for stories, or to say "racconter ce qui s'est passé" = say what happened). "Tell me more" is "Dis-moi plus".


camilla-danesa vous avez raison. Mais c'est UN conte de fées. (fairy tale) UN conte est "a tale" Am i right? (i am learning French and English)


Merci beaucoup pour me corriger! Vous avez raison, c'est un conte de fées! (I have corrected my post, thank you!) :-)

un conte = a story, a tale

un conte de fées = a fairytale

une histoire = a story

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