"Noi mâncăm des în oraș."

Translation:We often eat out.

February 18, 2018

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Should We often eat in town be accepted?


Same opinion


That's what I thought it was also. I reported it even though I'm not 100% sure that I'm correct.


Eat out and eat in town are wildly different. If I go to a posh restaurant in the countryside im definitely eating out but im also not going to town. This seems to suggest that you cannot eatvout unless you go to town. ???


In Romania 99% of the restaurants would be "in town" therefore Romanian language simply does not have a translation for "eating out". For the rare cases when you eat in a different place you would specify that location ("noi mâncăm la restaurantul din Poiana verde")


If you said in English Often we eat out would it become des în oraş noi mâncăm?


"Des" is usually an adjective. The proper adverb would be "deseori" (kind of "often times") but in everyday language people can use also "des". You can put "deseori" before the verb in order to have the emphasis on the timing but definitely the location should be after the verb. So "deseori mâncăm în oraș " or "mâncăm deseori în oraș"


What is wrong with saying we eat in the city often? I ,am not learning English anyway.

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