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Are there other tips and notes I should be looking at?

Good Morning,

I just started using DuoLingo and got to the Contact section. The picture is of an old phone, and the tips and notes section add in how to use 的 (adding an 's) but that is about it. Within the lesson, they showed 电 and then 话. Later the following sentence was provided 他的电话是九八七六。 I was able to guess 电话 correctly based on the picture and that there were numbers at the end (thought it was either phone number or address at first). My question though; is when starting a new section are there other tips or notes / vocabulary tools I should be reviewing before getting started, or is trying to using the existing tips to come up with the answer part of the learning experience?


February 18, 2018

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All you might be missing is the hover tips. During the exercises you can move your cursor over the words/characters to show translations. I don't really understand their system, but you otherwise seem to be square on the process.

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