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  5. "Andiamo dalla nonna."

"Andiamo dalla nonna."

Translation:We go to grandma's.

March 20, 2013



Why not "andiamo alla nonna"? The 'dalla' confused me, and I ended up writing (nonsensically) " we go from...", which was actually accepted. Can 'da' mean 'to' ??


In this case, yes, da can mean to. If you've got any familiarity with French, it is somewhat similar to chez.

Alla nonna would literally be to grandma, but da can be used to mean to somebody's house, to somebody's place, as in the following examples:

  • Mangiamo dalla mamma (We're eating at mom's place, mom's house)
  • Andiamo da Mario (We're going to Mario's)
  • Loro vanno dai fratelli (They're going to their brothers' place)

Hope this helps :)


Thanks, that's great - the comparison with French and your sample sentences helped a lot!


Thanks - glad you're here! DL is sloppy in introducing this kind of idiom without explanation - I'll report as a problem.


Thanks, Mukkapazza! Very helpful! I was wondering if there was a "chez" in Italian. According to the dictionary hints "dalla" can also be "with". would "We're going WITH our grandmother" also have been correct? Grazie mille!


Translating da as with is more relevant when it comes to attributes: un bambino dagli occhi azzurri (a boy with blue eyes) una donna dai capelli scuri (a woman with dark hair)


I found "dalla" to say "with the..." Of course, I got it wrong. Grrr.


I call my grandmother "Nonna", so I keep typing Nonna as the translation, instead of grandmother, as though it were an English word!


haha, I have to fight the impulse to translate "Nonna" as "Nana" because that's what I've always called my grandmother


I put granny's and was marked wrong. Looks like I need to learn "Duolingo" as well as Italian! :-D


"We go from the grandmother" was accepted, luckily, but it makes no sense in English...


yea haha I don't see how that works at all but ok!


"We are going to gran's" should be accepted


Yes. I've reported it


why is dalla used here and not just da? I thought with family, unless plural, the article is not used.


I think you are mistaking with the possession forms "mio" etc. You don't say "il mio padre", but "mio padre". That doesn't mean you can't use an article with a family noun in other cases.


Why not "come from"? It would make more sense, wouldn't it?


come from would be "veniamo dalla" I believe.


Andiamo da nonna, Mangiamo da nonna, Mangiamo da Marco, without article is not OK?


Why did not accept granny but grandma only? Both are synonyms for grandmother.


it also doesn't accept nan, which is much more commonly used in the part of england i'm from than granny or grandma!


In the dialect spoken in Barbados, we would say "Let's go by grannie" meaning go to her house, so here we can apply the "da " comfortably.


'Granny' should be accepted


But do we go over the river and through the woods?


It's a year later, the woods are now a housing estate, so you should be OK...


I translated it literally to "we go to the grandmother" This sentence confuses me, I thought you didn't need the in Italian when talking about a single family member. I don't understand why it is grandma's rather than just grandma.

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  1. Not using a definite article with a singular family member is only with the possessive: mia nonna; le mie nonne; tuo fratello; i tuoi fratelli.
  2. Just as French as "chez so-and-so" to mean "so-and-so's house", Italian has "da+definite article so-and-so" to mean "so-and-so's house". This was explained on this page a few years ago.


The translation solution suggested by DL for this particular one is so restricted that it is counter-productive, my Italian friend tells me that this can be an acceptable translation for so many ways of saying that one is going to 'see grandma', and that it's not one of those where you can translate 'word for word' as it were.

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"Dalla nonna" means we're going to grandma's house specifically. "Going to see grandma" is less specific. You can be going to see her in the hospital, for example.


Why is We are going to grandmother's not accepted?


Andiamo dalla Strega Nonna. We go to Strega Nonna.


I'm sure she can't be that bad :0)

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