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Best ways to learn German

What are the best ways to learn German. I have been using Duolingo, other apps and online courses, I have been listening to podcasts and music in German and learning the lyrics, I am reading books and news of my interest in German/English, I am making huge lists of useful words and sticking them in places where I can see them regulary, I have been doing a lot of tests to analize my most common mistakes, I have been watching TV and movies in German with subtittles.

I want to know, what other ways to learn German can we apply to speed up the learning process. Cheers!

February 18, 2018



Move to Germany ;). If not, try to listen try to read German newspapers and listen radio or watch TV


Germans will switch to English at the first sight of struggling or not pronouncing German correctly.


I think you're doing fine. One thing, everyone learns at a different rate. What is the most comfortable for you? If your goal is to converse in German, vocabulary, word order and lastly grammar is what I always suggest. The ideal is to find a native speaker and speak only in German. Your mistakes will be corrected and you're less likely to repeat them. Ich wuenche dir alles Gute.

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I'd say you're doing just fine :-) In my experience the most beneficial aproach is watching the TV shows, especially sitcoms (because of the high "number of words per minute" rate). Drop the subtitles too as soon as you can. It will be frustrating at first but your learning will accelerate.

If you're interested here is the list of resources I used: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24437249

Good luck


check your local town for "German clubs" - ie, I know Birmingham hosts a German club which is for intermediate to fluent speakers to have German only speaking afternoons / evenings. Maybe your town does too?

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