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Robotics in French

Hello, I am level 20 currently in French, and in a few months I will be attending a robotics competition with teams from all around the world, including French speaking countries. The last time I went (two years ago) I had trouble talking to some of the other teams because of the language barrier, does anyone have any recommendations on how I could learn some more French words that are specifically robotics related before I go this time?

February 18, 2018



What I do to familiarise myself with a new technical field: Read stuff about that field in my target language.

In my case, these are for example the websites of our customers and suppliers. Here I can see what terms they use, and how they put them together in sentences.

For you, this may be interesting: https://innorobo.com/fr/accueil/ A Robotics event taking place in France. If you read the French version of this site, you will probably already learn something, and you can find additional links.

I hope this helps. :-)


I'll read the website for the competition then, thank you so much.


There are also specialized glossaries; for example this one (I searched for it by entering "robotics English French glossary" in the google search): https://www.proz.com/glossary-translations/french-to-english-translations/159

Or this one: https://www.isaca.org/About-ISACA/History/Documents/ISACA-Glossary-English-French_mis_Fra_0615.pdf

I don't know what your discussions will be about, but perhaps you can just browse through these and see if something looks like something you might say :-)


And this is an example of the type of additional module that we could spend lingots on. Highly specialized vocabulary that some will find interesting, but others won't.

I doubt my wife would be happy if I learned to flirt in French, so that's a specialized vocabulary.


You could have a look at this Swiss/French robot manufacturer's site, which is available in English and French: https://www.staubli.com/fr-us/robotics/


For me, linguee is a trust-worthy translating website. Just write down the words you want to know, and linguee will translate them with a sentence context.


I also use Linguee. However, one has to be a little cautious because the texts are translations, and some of them are not very good (normally, however, these "uncertain" translations are marked by an alert triangle).

Whenever I find something in Linguee, I check it against other, monolingual, sources.

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