"Tulipokeleana zawadi"

Translation:We received each others' gifts

February 18, 2018

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I think that situation would be very unfortunate. Don't they mean "We received gifts from each other"?


In American English at least "We received each other's gifts" could (and likely would) mean that we each received the gift that the other sent, i.e. we each got the gift intended for us.


If I heard the above, as a native speaker of American English, I would like it was as Catriona28745 thought, that I got the gift meant for the other person and they got mine. I would not think we each received a gift from each other unless "from" were in the sentence.


I do not have a typo! "Each other's gifts" is correct English. "Each others' gifts" is not correct. "Each other" is treated as a singular noun, therefore "each other's" is correct.


Thank you for this. I have the darndest time with that phrase in English!


OK, that's good to know, thanks! But, IMHO, 'each other' is not a noun but a (compound) reciprocal pronoun. Sorry for nitpicking :)


Hey - we're both right! I only said it is treated as a singular noun. Definitely for the possession apostrophe, anyway.


Ah, I stand corrected. Reading is a difficult art :)


We received presents from each other - this should be accepted.


Isn't kupokea= receive? And not kupokelea. Asante


Yes, kupokea is 'to receive'. But this sentence uses the prepositional form of the verb meaning doing something for/to/at or on behalf of someone: in this case 'from' (and see discussion above). So, kupokea becomes kupokelea (to receive from), which in its turn becomes kupokeleana to show that they received the gifts from each other.

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