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What's happening in the clubs?

It looks as if the Grim Reaper came to my Japanese club and axed all the people who were not participating. Interesting - is this happening in other clubs, too?

Who knows: maybe this will lead to some increased participation in the daily challenge (which I have actually come to like - but so far, I'm the only one doing it).

February 18, 2018



It is the same in the club that I am in. I am the only one most of the time.Why do they join a club if they do not want to do anything? And if a new person tries to join it tells you the club is full.Japanese is really difficult .


Hello Faisane, my former club kind of fell apart, too, so I quit on my own. I made a club dedicated for people who like Japanese and want to prepare for JLPT, or just like learning it and possibly want to learn more that Duo offers in the future.

I have the code for it but I have yet to announce it, maybe in my next Jap-learning post. I could send you an invite if you want, so far it's only me there, but you could also add other learners. I'm sure you know far more Japanese-studying people, you've been here for far longer that I have ;)

I currently have 3 clubs (also Chinese and Esperanto) and have yet to kick a single person out. Some clubs have a descriptions like "break the streak/0 exp in a week and out", but that rule is definitely not for me.


Thank you for your very nice offer - I'll stick with my club for now but I'll be interested to hear how yours is going, also with respect to the challenges.


I run a Duolingo Japanese club. As far as I know Duolingo does not kick out inactive members by itself. It is the club's moderator that removes the inactive members so the newer members will hopefully be more, and continue to be, active after joining the club.


Maybe that's it then - we do have a new moderator.

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