"Their forests"

Translation:Misitu yao

February 18, 2018

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This is an M/Mi noun in the N/N lesson. If you are using the mobile app, please report that this question is in the wrong lesson. (The web version won't let me be that specific.)


I get it in a M/Mi lesson 6/18.


Catrions, I guess its purpose is to see if you were attentive to the previous lessons and still remember what goes where; not guess work


Well, that's one way to see it, MugodaSimo :)
However, I think that is what the "practice/strengthening" button is for. Then you get questions from different lessons at random. Quite a challenge!

Here, I think they should present words that belong in the noun class they are teaching you. So they should keep this one in the M/Mi lesson and remove it from this N/N lesson. It's probably just a simple mistake that it ended up here.

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