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"A nosotros nos gusta tu carro nuevo."

Translation:We like your new car.

February 18, 2018


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In everyday use, wouldn't "nos gusta tu carro nuevo" be acceptable as well? Is the "A nosotros" necessary or just grammatically correct? (Which I know, should make it necessary, but every day language does get abbreviated in all languages!)

February 18, 2018


Yes, your suggestion is very acceptable. Did you report it?
The only thing the "a nosotros" does is emphasize the "nos". Since there is nothing in the context of the sentence that makes emphasis necessary, the "a-phrase" is not needed.

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The A nosotros is not necessary---but it makes the sentiment a tad more heartfelt.


I think DL is trying to make the point that the given sentence construction exists and should be known.


The car here is brand new, not second hand that he has bought. It's evident from the "carro nuevo "- new for all. "Nuevo carro"- new for only the buyer.


What's the difference if there is an "A" before nosotros?


If you omit the "a" but include the "nosotros", it's just outright wrong. But if you omit both the "a" and the "nosotros", it's right, just as right as it would be if you included the "a nosotros".


It seems redundant to have a nosortros

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In addition to adding emphasis/caring, another thing the a nosotros does is clarify it from a nosotras. Some new cars might appeal only to a group of women, for example.


"nos gusta tu carro nuevo" is not right?


Is that bad this way? "Noaotros gusta tu carro nuevo."

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You can't use Nosotros but you can use Nos. The verb gustar requires an object pronoun.


How do we know when "a" is required?


my answer is correct but Duo has marked it wrong for the second time! first i thought it was because I had written a lower case a rather than a capital one A but I corrected it in my sevond answer. I know that sometime there can be a blip with the technology do this could be it but can't move it in the meantime


Quick question please, would un carro be used to describe a car in Panama if anyone knows?


Very strange sentence


Nuevo? Why not nueve?

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