"No, I wasn't looking for you."

Translation:Ne, tebe jsem nehledal.

February 18, 2018

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I answered 'Ne, jsem nehledal tebe' which was judged incorrect because I omitted 'ja' (sorry I do not have a Czech keyboard) before 'jsem'. Is 'ja' necessary when the sentence is worded that way?


Yes, it is. "jsem" is a clitic and it should be in the second position. At least in the standard language.


the word "Ne" does not count as the first word, after the comma another sentence starts and so "jsem" must be in the second position. it could be: Ne, nehledal jsem tebe.


Is this why "tě" cannot be used - because it too insists on the second position, and since "jsem" takes priority, it won't accept another position without changing into "tebe" (or something like that?)


Tě can be used and is placed in the right place in the clitic cluster. "Ne, nehledal jsem tě."

Please read https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31466920 very carefully.


Thanks for that resource link! There's just one confusing thing about the graphic I find, but it's not serious once one has read the rules. By showing it as "AUX < REFL < DAT < ACC < TO " a mathematically minded person might see "TO" in the strongest instead of the weakest position in the clitic ordering.


Oh sorry, I see that my question was not clearly worded. I meant, given the suggested answer, "tě" cannot be used in the place that has been given there to "tebe" because "tě" is a constant clitic and needs to follow the clitic ordering, so " Ne, tě jsem nehledal" does not work.

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