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  5. "Aproximadamente así"

"Aproximadamente así"

Translation:Roughly like that

March 20, 2013



Why is "about like this" an incorrect translation?


duolingo would have to revamp their entire database to be able to include all possible translations. and I don't think that would be feasible as there are, in most cases, far to many possible translations. duolingo just includes "some" a few translations


That's not true. That's why there is a button to report such things. Also, on a discussion board or something someone from DL talked about how many possible translations the average DL sentence has, and it was a TON.


Or "something like that"?


This is a problem throughout DL. And it is clear from comments people made months ago (in some cases) that DL has added allowable translations over time. Translations that used to be marked as incorrect are now accepted by DL, because they keep expanding their database.


"About" is given as another meaning of the word, however, "about like this" is not accepted! I know it's not...pure English but...hey...it won't be the first literal yet awkward translation that would be accepted in Duolingo!

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