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How to make Neat & Effective Language Notes〜

Note taking is a super effective way to recall information better. Many people want to take notes but they don't know where to start. I hope this post helps to inspire you to take neat and effective notes that you will want to look back at. Let's get started!


What are your notes about? You can make fancy headers like these or you can keep it simple. Either way, whatever works best for you.

Different Methods

There are many different methods when it comes to note taking. You can try the Cornell Method or make your notes into different sections based on a group of vocab or parts of speech. There are other great note-taking systems out there.

Writing Conjugation boxes on Sticky Notes

Writing your conjugation boxes on sticky notes and then sticking them to your notes are great when you're running out of space.

Pictures of amazing notes:

Thanks for reading!!


February 18, 2018



You have done it again! ;-) These are wonderful! I only write the new words of each lessons on the top of the page and then I write every sentence I get in the lesson under the words. I usually use different colours for the sentences and for explanations on grammar or new words which I pick up in the posts. Unfortunately, I have to search in my notes for quite some time if I need a word in particular. Irish does not have a word list and so I think, taking your examples,that I should make a place where I collect my vocabulary in alphabetical order. Starting now... ;-)


Words lists are so important. I wish I had one for Hebrew! You can look back and see what you've learned that way. It might be good to divide into nouns, verbs, etc.


Aww thanks! I'm so glad to have helped!


Well, I have to thank you. :-)


Irish does not have a word list

  1. Open your French tree
  2. Go to Discussion
  3. Open a new browser tab and go to your Irish tree
  4. Return to the tab from #2 and click on Words

It'll be your Irish word list. Don't know what use it is, but enjoy :)


Thanks, this is the first time this has worked for me in a long time. :)


The website migration added the quirk of having to make sure you're on a site that's still on the old platform for the first part, hence step 2 :)


Excellent! And you complained of not having such decent post ideas...like I said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and not always the creator. Nevertheless, I hope you see how cool all of your posts have been. This is yet another triumph for you! Your posts are useful, inspiring, and neat. Everyone can see that, and I beseech you to see it also! Camille, you are such a valuable contributor here. Never forget that. :)


Omg Lauriana! You are so kind! There needs to be more you's in the forums. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


<3 thank you Camille:))!!!

Well, to think of it, I am in my head this very minute composing two new post ideas for the coming week. So you may get your wish ;)...


Yay!!!!! I can't wait!


Excellent stuff. And let's not forget the ability of scent to trigger recall. People might like to consider sniffing lavender/rose petals/pickled onions etc when making important notes. Perhaps key pages could be soaked in garlic juice.... The idea being that it's quite easy to remember certain strong smells. Having brought a particular smell to mind, one should then remember writing the associated smelly page. I can't say how effective it is, but I find the idea of an exam hall full of language students smelling of gorgonzola and raw fish strangely appealing. :) EDIT: I forgot to say that one is supposed to carry something appropriately scented into the exam...

[deactivated user]

    Good post Camille.

    Good ideas are never that far away. :)


    Thank you Nuno.

    And yeah, good ideas really aren't that far away.


    I understand that 'bumping up' an old thread as you have just done is frowned upon, unless you have a legitimate reason to move it from one forum to another.


    I was searching through old threads of mine and realized that this one was in the Spanish forum. I wasn't even aware of "bumping up old threads" if they were placed in the wrong forums.


    Ah, well that is a legitimate reason, so no problem, then. However, if you do move threads, they will be moved to the top position in a new forum, and some people have used this abusively. Being unaware of your motives, I thought I should point this out.


    Why is that a feature?! Can't people just fix the forum of their post discreetly


    Funny thing is, I don't remember this post being in the Spanish forum. It was here before. I was even following the thread when I clicked on it today.


    It's in the Polish forum now ;)


    Thank you very much! ❤️


    You are a brilliant person.


    Ha thanks. You're pretty bright yourself.


    Thank you very much for posting this! I believe that keeping a language learning notebook is very helpful! =) Have some lingots!

    ♫ Lullabia ♫


    This is very cool, FrenchCamille, thanks for sharing. Some of us really benefit from taking notes by hand, and I always thought tidies notes made me more likely to learn as I wrote them, and also made the information easier to find later. But man, I used to think my study notes were nice from high school onwards but I clearly could have done better!


    I wish I had had these tips when I was in school! Who knew that notetaking was such an artform!


    Haha yeah! and thanks


    Haha, I agree:)


    Wow, are those actually your notes? They're amazing!! Good job!


    No, they are from @studyquill, whom of which you can find on basically all social media platforms. My notes are greatly inspired by her though.


    Lovely post once again!


    Thank you! This has inspired me to resume using the notebook I started last year but haven't used for several months. It's an invaluable tool and I need to start using it again -- today!


    I'm glad I inspired you to continue using your notebooks!

    Best of luck!


    Honestly I don't really understand the point of a list of vocab words like in the second image. Far better to make them into flashcards (even better for most people, electronic flashcards) one can actually study from.

    If the list is supposed to be notes from a class, it's not a good one since language teaching time can be much, much better employed than just giving students lists of vocab items (all the worse, low frequency ones: "sea star"?) to memorize.

    [deactivated user]

      even better for most people, electronic flashcards

      I remember reading that actual physical flash cards are a bit more effective than digital ones. Of course that means more work for you but I think they might have a point. There's something about handling them...


      There's solid evidence out there that handwritten notes are better than notes taken on a computer, but from what I understand that has to do with what is actually being recorded in the notes b/c there are big differences.

      I haven't seen data on flashcards specifically. I know that not everybody may share my extreme distaste for the physical variety, but SRS is a valuable tool I think, and it's certainly easier with electronic assistance. I'm inclined to believe that per word written, handwriting has an advantage over typing. However, typing can be much faster, so per unit time spent, it could swing back the other way.

      One is probably wise to consider the limitations of single word + translation flashcards more generally. The arguments for ones based on full sentences advanced by Gabe Wyner do seem to have a lot to recommend them.


      Thanks for again a really helpful post! Now I feel bad about my own notebooks....


      Your notebooks are amazing!


      This post really makes me want to learn pretty handlettering...

      That said. Most of the notes I take are electronic, handwritten notes always turn into a mess for me...


      Aha. Electronic notes are harder for me sometimes.


      that is genius!

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