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Club for the learners of Japanese - dedicated for JLPT preparation and general improvement.

To mark my 100-day-streak - I present to you my club for learning Japanese :D

The code is: WFMRBT

The club is dedicated to those who are serious about learning Japanese and consider the possibility of taking a JLPT test in the future, and anyone who wants to improve their Japanese beyond the level offered by Duo. Everyone is welcome!

I have no rule for kicking anyone out - even if you earn 0 exp in any week (I myself often do so), you are safe to stay there :)


February 18, 2018



Aw, I don't have the app so I can't join. However, I'm so glad that you made a 100 day streak! Congratulations!


Thank you! That time went by in a blink on an eye, when learning the languages I love ;D


Hello! I JUST started a few days ago. I'm hoping to learn a bit to speak to my sweetheart's grandmother. :)


Hello - こんにちは! :)


Joined... But hey, quick question, how on earth can you people learn so many languages at the same time? I mean seriously, how can you manage your time and your efforts to do it. Im currently stu-DYING only with french and japanese, share your secrets


Well, I can't speak for other users, but currently I'm practicing three languages: Japanese (finished, but doing the reverse course) - daily, Chinese (not finished) and Esperanto (finished) - at least once a week, to keep the lessons golden.

The rest of the languages I either learned earlier at school (German, French) or tried to learn the basics (Russian, Spanish, Turkish) but never had time to actually go through the whole course. I practice them occasionally, to not to forget them.

Of all those, I have 4 trees completed: English and Polish, which both I speak fluently (English is learned, Polish is native), Japanese and Esperanto.

I choose one language as my main focus (Japanese) and another one (Chinese) to do when I have more time, but I learn the second one slower. And I guess that's it, no big secret really ;) The biggest difficulty is probably finding time for that on a particularly busy day, but the minimal studying routine for me takes only about 0,5-1 hour.


Just joined! Planning to take the jlptn5 end of this year. My wife is talking to my baby in japanese, so I guess I have to get started learning more seriously, and the deadline of an exam seems to be a good source of motivation. see you soon in the club.


Welcome! Duo's course should be enough to get to N5, it even has some grammar from N4, so with little help of other resources (kanji mainly) you can pass the test :)


Greetings, I joined your Club. Hope I can aport something.

I started using Duolingo quite some time ago, but did used the platform that often. I started to use the platform again, and I am planning to stick to it with more dedication. I wish to be able to present the N5 this year, so I am using Duolingo along other sources, with that said, よろうしくおねがいします.


do you know any good books to learn the 2000 kanji for the JLPT


For books - not really (Genki covers only about N5-N4). But there a couple of good sites for that: (http://japanesetest4you.com), (http://www.tanos.co.uk), and there are also decks for kanji on Memrise, for example: (https://www.memrise.com/course/45725/jlpt-n1-2000-vocabulary-words-japanese/).

There are also apps, such as "Japanese Kanji Study", but it's full version is paid. But there are many more free apps available, just for the study of kanji.

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